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[Perf] BoA - Is This Love? [Identity 2010 Live Tour][Eng & Roman Subbed]

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YAYYYYY!!BOA JJANG!!oh my first female idol in asian pop world i ever LOVE!!!
i'm so honored to sub her Identity Live Tour 2010 and this is the my most favorite song and performance from her...!!
BOA unnie's so LOVELY, SWEET and BEAUTIFUL with the pink dress...and her voice....aaahh..really melting...
what more can i say..she's too AWESOME!!
arggh, can't wait for her comeback in K-pop...!
yeah unnie, IS THIS LOVE??

p/s : i'm going to sub my other favorite performances from this tour...stay tuned!
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[MV] DIA - Another Boy [Eng & Roman Subbed]

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this video is requested by chrislauj  sorry dear, a little late..huu..hope u like it!

oh i'm totally in LOVE with this girl and the video..her voice is so strong and yet she's only 18!!
i love the song but the music video made me falling in love even more!!
simple but so MEANINGFUL!!ahhh...just watch it yourself!!
really recommend this one..!!

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[MV] Wonder Girls - 2 Different Tears [Korean Vers][Eng & Roman Subbed]

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ohh..i'm so happy my MOST favorite female idol group is BACK in the game!!oh yeahh!
i can't help it!!i totally in LOOOOVE with this song!!so ADDICTIVE!!and the CUTE and FUNNY!!
oh my, JYP with blond hair, alien size like Pikachu??...haa..damn hilarious!!i just can't stop laughing...haha
even though the outfits are kinda weird, i think they all still look GORGEOUS and HOT with the retro style especially Yoobin-unnie!!
ohh...just LOVE this girl..!!!no wonder, aliens also can help to fall in love with Yoobin unnie...haha
i love Yeeun's intro too...woohh...nice vocal!!and Lim, the new girl, is not bad at all......but...i still prefer Sunmi...hee..
our maknae, Sohee becoming prettier and prettier...and yeah...the leader too!!
So here you go....enjoy~

plz comment if taking~
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[Perf] TVXQ - Kiss The Baby Sky [TSC Tokyo Dome][Eng & Roman Subbed]

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Another TSC perf requested by mrsxiah1612 .. so sorry dear for taking so long to post this...nah, amik nie..hope you suke!!hee~

hurm...yet another less-airtime Junsu..hurmmm....he's only got real close-up captured on the last 1 minute..finally~
he's SOO CUTE when he counted 1,2,3 with his fingers and with that innocent adorable face...aahh..CUTE!!
oh i love how they communicated with the fans....we can see how much they LOOOOOOVE their fans...
and i'm so GLAD i am one of their millions fans...ohhh..TOTALLY LOVE this perf!
"Our leader YUNHO, CHANGMIN, JAEJOONG, JUNSU and YOOCHUN...we're the one ETERNALLY...!!" true!!
always keep the faith.....!!

plz comment if taking~
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[MV] T-ara - Apple is A+ [Eng & Roman Subbed]

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oh..i just LOOOVEE this song, the video, the dance and the outfit...they all look so adorable and cute!!
i keep humming this song for several days now..haha..
i must admit, T-ara's aura is getting into me!!oh, Jiyeon is so cute..i just can't help to love this girl...i wish i have a little sister like her...haa..i think i'm getting weird here..haha..
erm..i wish i can understand what the guy is saying...hurm..
neway, this video was converted from >600mb tp into avi format...
really recommend this!enjoy~

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[Perf] Micky Yoochun - Love Bye Love [Mirotic 3rd Asia Tour][Eng & Roman Subbed]

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this video is requested by yunjas...sorry, a little late dear..i've been busy here u go dear!!

OHH MY Yoochun-ah...!!this is a complete set of CUTE, DORKY, HANDSOME, ROMANTIC and SEXY!!
i included his intro because its a total  waste to cut his DAMN CUTE DORKY part...!
i laughed so hard when he zipped his pant after he did the HOT move...oh, it's so him..!!CUTE!!
and when he said,"....aah, u dropped the flower.." to the lucky fan...CUTE!!CUTE!!!
then, when he gave the fans the Hello Kitty gum".....gyaaaa!!CUTE!!CUTE!!CUTE!!
yes yes, i know..CUTENESS is really my weakness..hehe~
this song is one of my favorite ballad song, same rank with Love In The Ice...i love both DBSK's and Yoochun's version...
however, certain part of his rap is really difficult to understand...i have to play the audio in veeeeeery slow speed to catch his words...huuu...
i've got various version of his rap part lyrics from others but i want to stick with my version...
ermmm...if u guys have any other version, plz tell me kay?
uuhhh.....I had goosebumps all over when he started playing the piano and singing with his husky voice.... totally BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING~
.........ermmmm....i wish to see all 5 members to perform this GREAT song...i want to see my baby Junsu rap...huhu~

plz comment if taking~
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[MV] DaVichi's music videos re-subbed!

i re-subbed all my DaVichi's music videos except for Hot previous subbed videos are soo UGLYY!!i'm just an amateur though during thos days....huhu,,i'm sorry..plz delete all my videos if you have them and download the ones....
huu..i feel embarrassed when i watched the videos again...waargghh!!too UGLY lor~
my new subbed videos are much more BETTER in quality and fonts!!

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