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[HD Fancam] JYJ - The Beginning Showcase Live In Malaysia
red hot lips
[Fancam] JYJ - Ayyy Girl [The Beginning Showcase Live In Malaysia]

[Fancam] JYJ - Ayyy Girl [The Beginning Showcase Live In Malaysia] .avi_thumbs_[2010.10.18_13.06.12]

[Fancam] JYJ - Empty [Remix.][The Beginning Showcase Live In Malaysia]

[Fancam] JYJ - Empty [The Beginning Showcase Live In Malaysia].avi_thumbs_[2010.10.18_18.58.34]

[Fancam] JYJ - Found You [The Beginning Showcase Live In Malaysia]

[Fancam] JYJ - Found You [The Beginning Showcase Live In Malaysia] .avi_thumbs_[2010.10.18_18.59.51]

..........i can't describe how perfectly they are in real life......haaa.......u can just fill in da blank the definition of angel, vampire and doll...
i mean...Junsu is like an angel, when he seems so shy and adorable in da interview, yoochun really looks like a vampire with his dark outfit and when he stares...aaahhh...plz suck me!!!and jaejoong....his beauty is undeniable....i never seen such a beautiful man, more fairer than a girl and when he moves his body......arrghhh...his aura....i must hold myself from fainting!!
i'm so glad i'm going to this showcase even though the organizer...ehem...Redstar...ehemm...sucker....ehem....made us wait for about +3 hours in da sun and rain...and even though the showcase started late, 1 hour late...and even though the show is about 1 and a half hour's okay...!!!at last, i can see them so up close....and i think, my eyes and yoochun's are met!!!!haa...maybe it just me....
i dun know...maybe because i think i'm da loudest in da crowd and i keep doing the sarange sign and thank god for being quite tall...!!hahaha....enough of my plz enjoy the awesomeness of JYJ~

sorry suspended my account...damn!!!

p/s : plz dun share anywhere else.....u can just link back to my page...and plz comment~

download :
[Fancam] JYJ - Ayyy Girl [The Beginning Showcase Live In Malaysia]
[Fancam] JYJ - Empty [Remix][The Beginning Showcase Live In Malaysia]
[Fancam] JYJ - Found You [Beginning Showcase Live In Malaysia]

thank you, miss them so much!

i was there as well..cannot describe it with words.ggahh~melting~

you were there!! you saw them!! *faints*

yes!!!!i was there...and i was like...stunned for a few minutes when first time saw them so flawlessly walk on the stage!!!
aahhhh...MY DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!

OMG!!! u met them!!! n plus, u manage to bring ur SLR camera!!
thank god u did not faint when u see them!!
aaaaaaaaaaaaa.........jaejoong is the best, the hotest that can make one to droll..haha
congratz btw babe....

yess!!!we manage to secretly capture hundreds of pics and records some videos....!!
so freaking hate the RELA guys, they almost take away my cams and vcam!!
haha...i almost faint!!!!i manage to stand in the sun and rain for 3 hours....but when my eyes set on head started to spin around.....cuz'....THEY ARE SO FREAKING HOT IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!!aaaaaahh!!
btw, my hubby still the sexy and manly but still maintain his cuteness!!hee~
thanks!!!! of my dream came true!!

omg u are so awesome you don't even know! *hugs* thanks a lot bb <3 btw, none of us can seem to Let it go, let it go~ Hahaha

haha...thank u so much!!*hugs u rite back*
yayyy...i think i'll be in this state of JYJ's fever for a very long time!!
and yes...i will never gonna let it go...let it go....(swing my hands...^^)

oh yes.. btw, did you notice the JYJ formation at the back? lol

sorry....!!i x prasan!!i juz saw the red ocean at the back!!
after pushing and pulling to get in the stadium, my eyes rite away set on da stage only...and never looks anywhere else...
oh so guys manage to do the JYJ formation??waa...i wish i could see it!!!

close up+clearer ver!!oh man~ this is too good~
thank you very much!!

yes..much better quality!!hope u like it!!
you're welcome!!

Thanks again!!! I was there as well. Its really AWESOME!!!

you're welcome!!!
JYJ are too awesome rite??hee~

Thank you for the DL links - by the time I got to check the YT versions they were taken away :( sux!!!they try to mess with my head this time...really...why now!!!damn...!!!

you're making me impatient with jyj coming to the usa (in a month... -_-")
thank you!!!!

i'll be drooling and watching these instead of doing my schoolwork...

oh my, i have assignment too that need to be send tomorrow!!!!waaa..!!!i totally forgot about it!!!
too much JYJ this few days, i keep watching these fancam espcially Ayy Girl.....when Junsu grin at me....waaaaa!!!!
oh lucky you!!u're goin rite??plz..plz...plz....capture anything possible and share with us!!!

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i thought you are junsu bias>> bcoz i saw jae the most.. lol.. XD

haha...i'm totally Junsu bias but when Jaejoong is so near me, how can i not record his flawless body, jumping and dancing with that sexy body.....i'm greedy....hahaha!!
dear, i think it was Ayyy Girl...when he dance with his dancer, then he looks and my cam.....smiles shyly....kyaaaaa!!!!!
did he knew i was his future wifey???we have connection!!!!!heee~

dang!!! i love you for these! :DDDDD

Thank you for the HD! I was in VIP but my camera isn't so awesome of course.

waahh...u r in VIP??u're so lucky!!can see them really up close and shake hands!!waaa...i'm so jealous~huuu~
you're welcome!

(Deleted comment)
Of course I'm taking. LOL. Thanks for uploading... ^^

i was there too.. at M1..
wow u managed to record vids.. my hands were shaking so bad.. maklumla dpt jumpe husband XD
only take few pics..

haha...for the first 3 songs, i didn't manage to record good video cuz my hands keep waving and did the sarange sign to them...i'm sooooooo excited, xleh nk dok diam.....!!!
yeah...first time jumpe hubby!!heee~


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