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[+ 320 Pics] JYJ - The Beginning Showcase Live In Malaysia


oh my!!i dun think i could ever recover from JYJ fever!!!!just thinking about it, made me HOT all over...!!!i can't believe my eyes!!!!finally, i've got to see my hubby and my bros in-law!!!!!YAYYYYYY!!
they are just like a life size mannequin or guardians from heaven!!!beautiful,tall, flawless skin, and the body....aaahhh.....smokin' HOT!!!!!!
thank u god!!thank u!!!!
me and my sis succeeded in smuggling DSLR and Vcam into  this showcase!!!she took care of taking pics and recording!!!
so here, i wanna share our oppas hotness to all of u!!!!!my sis is a professional photographer, so u dun have to worry about the quality, really really really good!!!!aahh,...just download already and u can see how flawlessly they perform and how good looking they are.....oppss..i'm sure u already know that!!hee~

ok, enjoy drooling all over them!!!

p/s : plz dun share elsewhere without permission and plz comment, comments are love~

and i will upload their performance for Found You, Empty, Ayyy Girl some time later....!!stay tuned~

download :
part 1
part 2
(the files are lil big, because all in HD!!)
Tags: *performance, *pics, tvxq

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