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[MV] Ayumi Hamasaki - Blossom [Ft. Jaejoong][Eng & Roman Subbed]
boa classic
From Drop Box

Requested by raindrop_symph here u go!!

actually i'm not a fan of ayumi but she's totally rock with this song, i really like the song and TOTALLY love Jaejoong in this!!
yayyyy!!!eye candy!!
!when  i saw he heart cried too......omo...why are u so adorable dear~?
he such a great actor and definitely BEAUTIFUL, way prettier than the girlfriend...(if only Yunho was there....grrr)...haaa~

p/s : can't wait to see him up close live at the Malaysia fanmeeting!!!!!!anybody here going??

download : mediafire

raw video credit to uchihacarol@lj
lyrics credit to masa @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story

jae was so great in the pv.. 2 thumbs up..
i love the painting in the end..
the pv fit the song a lot..

yay, been waiting for someone to sub this PV!
thanks a lot! (:

yayy!!now u have it!
you're welcome!!

thank you!!!
sad he die...

you're welcome...

KYAAAAA!!!! It's here!! Despite busy studying huh.. u manage to subbed this :) JJANG!!
I'm so gonna dl this coz Jae is so damn kakkoi here.... MElting2~~~

Wow, are u goin? *Jealous mode* I takkan dpt peginyerla.. (U__U)~~

By the way, domo arigato dear for this :D~

you're welcome!!!yeahh, Jaejjong sooooo HOT CUTE SWEET and everything align with it!!!
subbing just taking 1 hour or so...and my college internet is freaking fast, i manage to upload it quickly..
yeah...i'm going....!!!gile ikat perot x mkn to save money for the freaking expensive ticket...haha
laaa....nape xdpt gi???

~you're welcome!!!

ayu+jaejoong? definitely awesome.thank u~

you're welcome!!

I usually don't like her but I'm going to give this a try...
Thank you.

same with me....but totally love her voice for this song...gotta try it!
you're welcome!!!

he is so perfect omg ♥
taking, thank you so much!

totally agree!!!
oh, hope u can go too!!u must go to see this beautiful man in once in ur life time!!!
you're welcome!!

omg, thank you so much! <3
i don't liek Ayu too, but if it is Jaejoong's PERFECT actting in the mv, i can stand to listen to Ayu's voice. ll for Jaejoong <3

haha...that's my reason to at first...but i think i get addicted with this song.....huu~
you're welcome!!!

Thanks a lot for sharing!


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