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[Perf] Xiah Junsu - Intoxication [Thanksgiving Live][Eng & Roman Subbed]
boa buat muka
From Drop Box

OMG!!OMG!!OMG!!!!HOT!!HOT!!HOT!!!my hubby is soooooooo HOT!!!!!
i wish he just rip his shirt off and strip!!!!!!!....i was like...strip!!!strip!!!strip!!!plz strip!!!i want to see ur sexy body!!!!grrrrr...
oh i totally love the REMIX when Jaejong and Yoochun joined in the dance with my hubby....owhhhhhh my...TOTALLY AWESOME!!and did i forget they all also did the naughty dance....kyaaa!!!nosebleed all over!!!
i wish they were dancing a little longer with my hubby and do the dirty dance together, the one when my hubby slides on the floor.....and if only they all rip their shirts.............kyaaa!!!!!!!!major nosebleed!!!
i LOVE the whole perfs in this Thanksgiving live....the songs were gREAT, the performances were AWESOME...and our boys...what more can I say...HOT as ever.....besides, it was like i'm watching YAOI live action...hahah.... ^ ^ !

download : mediafire

raw video credit to
lyrics credit to source: cumiriah @ youtube & & soompi & tomo mama & smiley
translation: smiley @

so excited for this..*drools*

ape hubby!!? ops.. marah plak.. slamat ari ghaye.. kekeke..
dl-ing this.. sankyuuu~~
ps. bley consider x sub with all my heart? yg from drama nye pv 2.. ye la wlopon xde dorg ber-5 dlm vid 2 tp still ley tgk vid 2 ngan sub so paham skit.. hehe.. :)

mstila hubby la tu...haha.. ^ ^ !
pv utk drama??ader raw link x?i xder...u bg raw vid dulu k?
nnt bile2 i sub....nk settlekn Thanksgiving Live lu...hee~

Yeah, Junsu Baby!!
Why am I feeling so hot....dizzy.....nosebleeding......
And Jae & Yoochun suddenly pops
* fainted*

oh me too!!!
just watched it again and again and....*faint*
~uuuhhhh....SMOKING HOT!!!

Taking the dl. Thanks for your efforts in dling and sharing this with us!!

Edited at 2010-09-14 05:25 pm (UTC)

wow this is a MUST HAVE thanks for sharing :D

yeahhh totally MUST WATCH!!!
you're welcome!!

Loved his shout "Intoxication Remix Come On!" It was soooooo adorably HOT - only Junsu can that pull off - LOL! Thanks for sharing!^^

yeah...his engrish accent is soooooooo cute....*lemix!!*
but the freaking hot!!!

intoxication lemix~ xD
thanks >.

haga...Junsu is hot but as the same time.....he's still so damn cute!!!hee..
you're welcome!

Hahaha I see you're a Junsu bias. I APPROVE!!!! xDDD
Thanks for the vid!

haha...of course...i need to always support my hubby...hee~
you're welcome!

thanks! my friend's copy is not yet here and I am so craving for this!!!! hugs!!!♥♥♥ throws hearts!!!♥♥♥♥♥

*grab ur hearts*
u 'll craving for more....hee~
you're welcome!

Thank yooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu!

you're welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~

you're awesome dear! thank you!


love u too!
you're welcome!


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