October 3rd, 2010

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[Perf] Jaejoong & Yoochun - Colors~Melody & Harmony [Thanksgiving Live][Eng & Roman Subbed]

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oh my, the ending of this perf is the best....JaeChun soooo freaking cute...beware Yoochun oppa, Yuhno might be jealous if he saw this...haha
aahh...love to see how playful and enjoy they were in the stage....totally adorable like a kid!!!
Jaejoong is such a flirty, gave those beautiful smiles to Yoochun....hold his hand...aaahhhh....ermmm...more plz??grrr~~lucky Yoochun!!

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[MV] TVXQ - With My All Heart [Movie Ver.][Eng & Roman Subbed]

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ok my dear ,mrsxiah1612 this is for you!!!see u tomorrow at the pre-sale JYJ ticket tomorrow!!hee~

sorry, i couldn't sub the dialogs...even though i learned Japanese but still loooooong way to go to sub their conversation...
waaa....i also wanna know what they were saying...!!
btw, what's the title of this movie??anybody know...it seems interesting and Shota Matsuda is the actor!!!gotta watch it!!

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