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[2 Perf]TVXQ - Sky [TSC Tokyo Dome & Mirotic Asia Tour][Karaoke Subbed]

TVXQ - Sky [Mirotic Asia Tour][Karaoke Subbed]

From Drop Box

TVXQ - Sky [TSC Tokyo Dome][Karaoke Subbed]
From Drop Box

waahh..it's been a long time since my last post....haa...sorry i've been busy lately...hurrmm..my final year is so tough for me..tired.......sleepy....lazy....can't  wait for the weekend....i wanna sleep....aaahh...!
even though i have no time to rest and sleep, my time and love for our boys never fade.....so here u go...!!
~i think i'm getting used to karaoke subbing...hope u guys like it~

ok, bout this vids...actually i plan to sub the mirotic concert only..but since i have the softsubs i decided to sub the TSC concert also...oh, i love both perfs even though their outfit in the TSC concert is kinda....hurmmm...too ermm....colorful....arghhh...dun care, they still look good in everything or without nothing....kyaaa!!!!my dream!
waah..they look so fun in the mirotic concert...oh,yuhno's dance LOL!!cute!!aahh..all of them cute!!

~i still have faith that they will be in the same stage someday..amen~
i will always love thse boys till the day i die.....
....i still don't want to watch the JYJ concert...i dun have guts....haa...

TVXQ - Sky [Mirotic Asia Tour][Karaoke Subbed]    :  

mediafire new~~

TVXQ - Sky [TSC Tokyo Dome][Karaoke Subbed ] :  

mediafire new~~

raw video credits to kokayz@livejournal & photo@thegioinghenhin.com
lyrics credit to http://makikawaii.wordpress.com/2008/09/26/dbsk-mirotic-4th-album-lyrics-translation/ and dbskarchive.blogspot
and the beautiful karaoke effect credit to pyointa2001
Tags: *performance, *subtitled, tvxq

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