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[MV] Se7en Feat Lil' Kim - Girls [Karaoke Subbed]

From Drop Box
yayy!!my first karaoke subbed video!!
i spent a whole day yesterday to figure out how exactly to do the karaoke sub...aaaahh....at first, i was getting headache...stress...seriously..i really dun know what to do....effect??timing??grrrrrr~~
then, at 3.00 a.m...tadaa!!mission accomplished!!
wahh...feel so proud of myself...dun think finally i have my own karaoke subbed....hee~
ermm..however, the karaoke timing is little bit off....sorry!!

i personally love this song, that hot guy, SE7en of course and Lil' Kim...the music is nice and love the Lil' Kim's rap...sooo me!!haha..
but i'm a bit disappointed cuz' there's no HOT SMEXY dance from Se7en...!!!warghh!!not fair!!

ahh guys....erm...just download this video and tell me what you think about my karaoke subbed!!hee..


raw video credits to ????
lyrics credit to http://makikawaii.wordpress.com/2009/04/02/se7en-girls-feat-lil-kim-lyrics/
Tags: *music video, *subtitled, se7en

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