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[HD Fancam] JYJ - The Beginning Showcase Live In Malaysia

[Fancam] JYJ - Ayyy Girl [The Beginning Showcase Live In Malaysia]

[Fancam] JYJ - Ayyy Girl [The Beginning Showcase Live In Malaysia] .avi_thumbs_[2010.10.18_13.06.12]

[Fancam] JYJ - Empty [Remix.][The Beginning Showcase Live In Malaysia]

[Fancam] JYJ - Empty [The Beginning Showcase Live In Malaysia].avi_thumbs_[2010.10.18_18.58.34]

[Fancam] JYJ - Found You [The Beginning Showcase Live In Malaysia]

[Fancam] JYJ - Found You [The Beginning Showcase Live In Malaysia] .avi_thumbs_[2010.10.18_18.59.51]

..........i can't describe how perfectly they are in real life......haaa.......u can just fill in da blank the definition of angel, vampire and doll...
i mean...Junsu is like an angel, when he seems so shy and adorable in da interview, yoochun really looks like a vampire with his dark outfit and when he stares...aaahhh...plz suck me!!!and jaejoong....his beauty is undeniable....i never seen such a beautiful man, more fairer than a girl and when he moves his body......arrghhh...his aura....i must hold myself from fainting!!
i'm so glad i'm going to this showcase even though the organizer...ehem...Redstar...ehemm...sucker....ehem....made us wait for about +3 hours in da sun and rain...and even though the showcase started late, 1 hour late...and even though the show is about 1 and a half hour's okay...!!!at last, i can see them so up close....and i think, my eyes and yoochun's are met!!!!haa...maybe it just me....
i dun know...maybe because i think i'm da loudest in da crowd and i keep doing the sarange sign and thank god for being quite tall...!!hahaha....enough of my plz enjoy the awesomeness of JYJ~

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[+ 320 Pics] JYJ - The Beginning Showcase Live In Malaysia


oh my!!i dun think i could ever recover from JYJ fever!!!!just thinking about it, made me HOT all over...!!!i can't believe my eyes!!!!finally, i've got to see my hubby and my bros in-law!!!!!YAYYYYYY!!
they are just like a life size mannequin or guardians from heaven!!!beautiful,tall, flawless skin, and the body....aaahhh.....smokin' HOT!!!!!!
thank u god!!thank u!!!!
me and my sis succeeded in smuggling DSLR and Vcam into  this showcase!!!she took care of taking pics and recording!!!
so here, i wanna share our oppas hotness to all of u!!!!!my sis is a professional photographer, so u dun have to worry about the quality, really really really good!!!!aahh,...just download already and u can see how flawlessly they perform and how good looking they are.....oppss..i'm sure u already know that!!hee~

ok, enjoy drooling all over them!!!

p/s : plz dun share elsewhere without permission and plz comment, comments are love~

and i will upload their performance for Found You, Empty, Ayyy Girl some time later....!!stay tuned~

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[MV] TVXQ - With My All Heart [Movie Ver.][Eng & Roman Subbed]

From Drop Box
ok my dear ,mrsxiah1612 this is for you!!!see u tomorrow at the pre-sale JYJ ticket tomorrow!!hee~

sorry, i couldn't sub the dialogs...even though i learned Japanese but still loooooong way to go to sub their conversation...
waaa....i also wanna know what they were saying...!!
btw, what's the title of this movie??anybody seems interesting and Shota Matsuda is the actor!!!gotta watch it!!

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[Perf] Jaejoong & Yoochun - Colors~Melody & Harmony [Thanksgiving Live][Eng & Roman Subbed]

From Drop Box
oh my, the ending of this perf is the best....JaeChun soooo freaking cute...beware Yoochun oppa, Yuhno might be jealous if he saw this...haha to see how playful and enjoy they were in the stage....totally adorable like a kid!!!
Jaejoong is such a flirty, gave those beautiful smiles to Yoochun....hold his hand...aaahhhh....ermmm...more plz??grrr~~lucky Yoochun!!

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[Perf] Jaejoong - For You [Thanksgiving Live][Eng & Roman Subbed]

From Drop Box

Requested by yunjas grab it!!

another video from our beautiful man....i have a feeling that this song was dedicated to Yunho....
they belong to each other....

"Maybe we are people
Tangled in a complicated relationship
Everyday I am debted to you
Debts that are too much for me to pay back
Sometimes like a couple, sometimes like strangers
Can we keep living on like that
Despite countless mistakes and seperations
You are still there

I know that you are the only person
Who can help me live properly in this world
I, in order to live without regrets,
Should keep you by my side
My rough mind and unstable expressions
And you watching it
That is a love like a war
Because I’m dangerous, because I love you
I will leave from you
I will leave for you"

........what more can i say.....definitely for Yunho, rite?
dangerous love story~ ^ ^

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[MV] Ayumi Hamasaki - Blossom [Ft. Jaejoong][Eng & Roman Subbed]

From Drop Box

Requested by raindrop_symph here u go!!

actually i'm not a fan of ayumi but she's totally rock with this song, i really like the song and TOTALLY love Jaejoong in this!!
yayyyy!!!eye candy!!
!when  i saw he heart cried too......omo...why are u so adorable dear~?
he such a great actor and definitely BEAUTIFUL, way prettier than the girlfriend...(if only Yunho was there....grrr)...haaa~

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[Perf] Xiah Junsu - Intoxication [Thanksgiving Live][Eng & Roman Subbed]

From Drop Box

OMG!!OMG!!OMG!!!!HOT!!HOT!!HOT!!!my hubby is soooooooo HOT!!!!!
i wish he just rip his shirt off and strip!!!!!!!....i was like...strip!!!strip!!!strip!!!plz strip!!!i want to see ur sexy body!!!!grrrrr...
oh i totally love the REMIX when Jaejong and Yoochun joined in the dance with my hubby....owhhhhhh my...TOTALLY AWESOME!!and did i forget they all also did the naughty dance....kyaaa!!!nosebleed all over!!!
i wish they were dancing a little longer with my hubby and do the dirty dance together, the one when my hubby slides on the floor.....and if only they all rip their shirts.............kyaaa!!!!!!!!major nosebleed!!!
i LOVE the whole perfs in this Thanksgiving live....the songs were gREAT, the performances were AWESOME...and our boys...what more can I say...HOT as ever.....besides, it was like i'm watching YAOI live action...hahah.... ^ ^ !

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[MV] Jaejoong, Yoochun & Junsu - Itsu Datte Kimi Ni [DVD Ver][Eng & Roman Subbed]

From Drop Box
Requested by [info]raindrop_symph ...grab it dear!!

yayyy!!at last DVDrip is out thanks to Kokayz chan....!!
finally, i've got to see their handsome face more clearly......haaa...gorgeous as ever....
oh my, they are just so beautiful and's not fair...why at my place there is no pretty boys like them for me to stalk??!!!!huuu~ hubby's hair become blonder...i liiike....but dear...i like u more with ur dark color....but dun worry u look good both ways..hee~

added with HD link~
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[Perf] Jaejoong, Yoochun & Junsu - Itsu Datte Kimi Ni [Eng & Roman Subbed]

From Desktop

This pv is requested by mrsxiah1612 yesterday....haa..i excited sgt nk sub video ni...yela dh lame xdpt request n i can't resist ur Junsu's puppy eyes...hee....grab it dear!!!

finallly!!!!yesterday was my first time watching anything from 3hree Voice and listening to their songs.....fuhhhhh....i cried so hard when watching this video and reading the translations.....the lyrics are soooooo BEAUTIFUL......their voices are so BEAUTIFUL.....and the performance is BREATH TAKING .....!!
i can feel their sadness and emotions...i know they're in pain when delivering this song  without Yuhno and Changmin.....i'm in pain watching how sad they look.....waaaa.....can't believe they're not living together anymore...wargghh!!

after this, i'm going to download all JYJ's thingy....and becoming obsess all over again...!!mrsxiah1612 , is ur fault!!


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