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[MV] TVXQ - With My All Heart [Movie Ver.][Eng & Roman Subbed]
boa backgroun black
From Drop Box
ok my dear ,mrsxiah1612 this is for you!!!see u tomorrow at the pre-sale JYJ ticket tomorrow!!hee~

sorry, i couldn't sub the dialogs...even though i learned Japanese but still loooooong way to go to sub their conversation...
waaa....i also wanna know what they were saying...!!
btw, what's the title of this movie??anybody seems interesting and Shota Matsuda is the actor!!!gotta watch it!!

download here : mediafire

raw video credit to
lyrics Source: yuulinajae @ youtube
Translation: smiley @
Special thanks: diana© & Lexy & xU & junsulv @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Hi!!! my pc is lazy right now and i can't download it, but by the clips i can tell you that it's not a movie but a drama Love shuffle. I saw it long time ago and one friend of mine finished it yesterday. Even she says: "it's a wonderful drama!"
I think here Shota is really, really hot. And his story with that girl is...<3 awwww XDD

oh really?i have heard of that drama....but it never caught my intention...hhuuu..shame on me!!
ok, gotta find it rite now...!!!
when i saw this video...i was like.....awww....sweet....oh he's hot!!hee~

Finally my pc downloaded it! Waaa it's so cute!! Every precious moment that i liked the most in only one video XDDD I hope you'll watch the full drama because really it's one of the best drama that i see in my life XDD
Yes, you're right! He's sweet and hot XD

wohh...drama seems so interesting!!can't wait to watch it, to stalk my Shota Matsuda!!!my internet is sooooooooooo freaking slow....!!
neway, thank u so much for telling me!!

is that matsuda shota !?

yes!!!it's from Love Shuffle..*juz knew the title recently* hehe

hihi.. babe, you dl the wrong raw.. this is fanmade when with all my heart 1st comeout.. the raw i meant last time is the kimiga odoru natsu's drama.. :)
and yeah thhis fanmade is from love shuffle drama..

btw, my friends help me to buy the tix.. hehe

laa....why dun u gave me the link when i ask u for the link....i dun know which pv...
ok...i'll re-subbed~
btw, i just comeback from Fahrenheit88...gile ramai org....
for 2 and a half hour beratur cm nak patah kaki...huu...

waa.. sory2..i thought u jumpe.. hihi.. bcoz yg ni yg da lame gile nye fanmade.. penat i cari scroll back blk cr yg ni.. kekeke..
da blk da? u bought yg mane? ramai org? u sampai kol bp? ish3..

it's jer...xder hal la...
i bile yg rock zone nye...i beli kn utk membe2 i skali...6 tiket skali....giler ar...mule2 wallet kembong jer, kt umad dh kempis balik...haha..
i smpi kol 11 budk2 ni ader yg smpi dr kol 9...biler smpi2 jer dh mmg berator pnjg giler...!!
tp agk menarik gk ar...cuz we can see how powerful TVXQ is in Malaysia!!

waa.. u g rereami la ek.. take picture x? sonok gak tgk org mesia brato pjg2.. jyj siap kuar dlm metro lg.. hehe

amik gmbr gk pki phone jer....lupe sgt2 nk bwk kamera...!!!waa!!nk curik jer banner JYJ tu!!
eh x la gi rearamai....i ng akak i jer...nek moto...merempit, pki kete jam....haha..
haa...bru bace brite psl diorg td...abis kantoi ng mak pasl beli tiket smpi 300....abis kne marah membazir!!huissh~

haha.. i mean g konsert reramai la ek.. best2.. hihi.. waa.. nk banner gak.. kkhhh,, lor.. cm ne leh kantoi? ish3..

oh...silap pulak...hee~
time konsert pon i gi ngan akak i jer...i tolg belikn diorg je....huhu~
.......xder kwn......isk3...

oh... nape xpegi ngn dorg2 yg 2lg belikn 2? hehe.. btw, mase beli tiket kn kalo 2k numbered tu die bg choose x? or atleast choose nk area mane ke?

xpela...nnt sian akak x bese ngan diorg...huhu
psl seated numbered, x tau la pulak.....line area lain2...sorry!

ooo.. die jual ikot line ek? its ok.. :)
hihi.. xsaba nk pg.. padahal de presentation 2k fyp proposal 2 days before.. kkhhh

thank you for this!
its a drama called 'love shuffle'
its a pretty good drama

thanks, thanks, thanks

it's from the drama, "Love Shuffle"
really cute show, I highly recommend it!

One of my favorite songs ever ..Thanx

Wow nice! I didn't even know such a video existed. Thanks!!! <3

(Deleted comment)
thank you so much ~

Shota Matsuda! My imaginary boyfriend! How I love him. *cough* Uh, anyway, thanks so much for the subs... such a lovely song. :)

thanks 4 sharing...=) love this song..

Thank you so much for the video! ^^

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