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[Perf] Jaejoong & Yoochun - Colors~Melody & Harmony [Thanksgiving Live][Eng & Roman Subbed]
boa punk black n white
From Drop Box
oh my, the ending of this perf is the best....JaeChun soooo freaking cute...beware Yoochun oppa, Yuhno might be jealous if he saw this...haha to see how playful and enjoy they were in the stage....totally adorable like a kid!!!
Jaejoong is such a flirty, gave those beautiful smiles to Yoochun....hold his hand...aaahhhh....ermmm...more plz??grrr~~lucky Yoochun!!

download here : mediafire

raw video credit to hanakimie@lj
lyrics romanization n translation credit to megami-chan &

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thank you!!!
i was on soulmates withdrawl but this helps :D!

haha...yayy!!!plz dun be on that state anymore!!!
for now it's soulmate....but yunjae is eternally!!hee~

well, i guess i could always go back to my old vids to avoid withdrawl~...
srry, but my ultimate OTP is soulmates; i got tired of yunjae quickly (i blame the banjun drama *|{ )

haha....for me i became YunJae obsession because of Banjun Drama...hehe..
but Soulmate still one of the best couple....poor Junsu, no Yoochun left for him?
oh, i forget....Junsu belongs to me!!haha

JJ's smile!!
so cutee~ xD
Thank you so much~ :3 adorable n soooooo beautiful....
lucky yuchun....huhu
you're welcome!!

thaaaaaanks fot this :D

I love You ^_____________^

Soulmate...they always so playful and cute.
Love them so much!!
Thanks for the subs!

hihi.. thanks~~
btw, u xnk sub ke yg len? junsu's solo... 2-2.. get ready, long way, w, 2 lg yg dorg cover(xingat tajuk).. shelter, xiahtic(keke.. kalo la de org ley paham pe micky nye rap).. lagi... pe ar...? hahaha.. demand lebey.. keke.. tp kalo free time sub la ek? xpakse taw ni.. suggestion je.. XD thank you so much dear.. slamat hepi2 kt showcase nt.. ngeh3..

oh, klu xsilap i, sume perfs tu org len dh sub kn dh....try check kt dbsg community lj...utk xiahtic, dh nk siap dh, tinggl yoochun's rap je xconfirm lg..xphm lgsg die ckp ape...huhu....
n mybe i'll sub their been so long's'll see...
busy with assignment rite now...huu...
selamat happy2 jugk!!!

tu la.. i noticed gak.. tp dorg nye tak HQ.. huhu.. de 1 2 bunyi pon xbest.. LOL.. tp it's up to you.. i'll take what i can get.. XD

oh psl video tue....ha'ah,ader yg xhq,raser cm nk bgtau jer die suh re-sub with hq...sound dier pon jd x best....huuu...
ermmm...tgk la cmne...nnt klu i dh settle sume, i sub la mne2 yg ptt...hee~

ps. oh btw, i just remembered. i always want to tell you this but forgot.. hehe.. intoxication kn. kn ade line let me fell your madness kn? actually kalo ikot official lyric it's let me feel your naughtiness.. not madness.. i think the madness is translated before the official lyric came out.. :)

oh..hurmmm....sbnrnyer dh tau cm x tuka2 lg....
sbb madness lg best kot...haha....
klu junsu tau i ckp cmne, mesti dier mrh...dh la dier ug wat lgu tue....hee...
erm...sorry ye...pas ni klu i sub lg video intoxication, i akn betolkn...

hihi.. 2 la.. i suke HQ.. lg nk skodeng muke junsu yg cute- errr i mean charisma 2.. hehe.. ok2.. i paham.. i pon bizy gile ngn fyp's proposal + assignment + test.. *cries* huuuuuuu.. sub nt free.. sem break ke.. hehe

oh.. la da tau ke.. ingatkn u x just nk inform je.. dulu i slalu denga junsu nyanyi you netness.. LOL doesn't make sense.. tehe.. no need to be sorry.. i'm sorry gak demand byk2.. hehe..

dl-ed this.

Thanks for subbing~<3

That performance made me happy. Thanks for sharing. :)

thank you...their performance..cute ^.^

Thank you very much! ♥

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