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[Perf] Xiah Junsu - Intoxication [Thanksgiving Live][Eng & Roman Subbed]
boa buat muka
From Drop Box

OMG!!OMG!!OMG!!!!HOT!!HOT!!HOT!!!my hubby is soooooooo HOT!!!!!
i wish he just rip his shirt off and strip!!!!!!!....i was like...strip!!!strip!!!strip!!!plz strip!!!i want to see ur sexy body!!!!grrrrr...
oh i totally love the REMIX when Jaejong and Yoochun joined in the dance with my hubby....owhhhhhh my...TOTALLY AWESOME!!and did i forget they all also did the naughty dance....kyaaa!!!nosebleed all over!!!
i wish they were dancing a little longer with my hubby and do the dirty dance together, the one when my hubby slides on the floor.....and if only they all rip their shirts.............kyaaa!!!!!!!!major nosebleed!!!
i LOVE the whole perfs in this Thanksgiving live....the songs were gREAT, the performances were AWESOME...and our boys...what more can I say...HOT as ever.....besides, it was like i'm watching YAOI live action...hahah.... ^ ^ !

download : mediafire

raw video credit to
lyrics credit to source: cumiriah @ youtube & & soompi & tomo mama & smiley
translation: smiley @

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so excited for this..*drools*

your opinion *faints* * nosebleed* faster internet connection please..OMG
my junsu!!

im so sorry for flooding your comments page but OMG!
my junsu is so hot!! *gets bricked*
best performance of intoxication..
jaejoong and yoochun-very brief appearance but great..
sweat dripping on his body
occasionally taking off his jacket
such a tease..

yes!!yes!!yess!!!!!!my hubby really did a great job in performing this song.....!!so proud of him...!!
yeahh, when he's trying to take off his jacket, i was like, plz..plz... more skin..more...more...if only his rip off his shirt...kyaaaaa!!!! dare he tease me like that....grrrr...i want more!!!
and with the appearance of Jaejongie and Chunnie.....with the sexy dance....aaahh...i become restless....!!
oh...and you're welcome!!!!i'm glad to share this eye candy to all lusty fans like me...haha

ape hubby!!? ops.. marah plak.. slamat ari ghaye.. kekeke..
dl-ing this.. sankyuuu~~
ps. bley consider x sub with all my heart? yg from drama nye pv 2.. ye la wlopon xde dorg ber-5 dlm vid 2 tp still ley tgk vid 2 ngan sub so paham skit.. hehe.. :)

mstila hubby la tu...haha.. ^ ^ !
pv utk drama??ader raw link x?i xder...u bg raw vid dulu k?
nnt bile2 i sub....nk settlekn Thanksgiving Live lu...hee~

oh.. raw i slalu amik kt kokayz je..
ok2, hwaiting!

Yeah, Junsu Baby!!
Why am I feeling so hot....dizzy.....nosebleeding......
And Jae & Yoochun suddenly pops
* fainted*

oh me too!!!
just watched it again and again and....*faint*
~uuuhhhh....SMOKING HOT!!!

Taking the dl. Thanks for your efforts in dling and sharing this with us!!

Edited at 2010-09-14 05:25 pm (UTC)

wow this is a MUST HAVE thanks for sharing :D

yeahhh totally MUST WATCH!!!
you're welcome!!

Loved his shout "Intoxication Remix Come On!" It was soooooo adorably HOT - only Junsu can that pull off - LOL! Thanks for sharing!^^

yeah...his engrish accent is soooooooo cute....*lemix!!*
but the freaking hot!!!

After watching it again and I realized that I'm wrong - he said "let's go" rather than "come on" - po-ta-to, pot-ta-to...^^

Also - OMG seeing drip with sweat got me sweating too..and panting..hubba-hubba...hee-hee-hee (~.^)v

hoho...i know what u mean...seeing he perform like that....then when he shout "gyaahh"...with dripping sweat and tease me with his sexy me lustful and..*ehem*.....horny all over....grrrr.....!!

intoxication lemix~ xD
thanks >.

haga...Junsu is hot but as the same time.....he's still so damn cute!!!hee..
you're welcome!

Hahaha I see you're a Junsu bias. I APPROVE!!!! xDDD
Thanks for the vid!

haha...of course...i need to always support my hubby...hee~
you're welcome!

thanks! my friend's copy is not yet here and I am so craving for this!!!! hugs!!!♥♥♥ throws hearts!!!♥♥♥♥♥

*grab ur hearts*
u 'll craving for more....hee~
you're welcome!

Thank yooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu!

you're welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~

you're awesome dear! thank you!


love u too!
you're welcome!

thank you so muchhhhhh

so happy to download this

can watch again and again^^

our junsu's hotness will never fade every time i see this perf!!
still growing on me!
you're welcome!

Omo! Omo! Okaaaayyyy sooo downloading this.. naseb internet tgh laju :D

Major nosebleed needing blood transfusion now! huhu~

This is ... PERVERT SMEXY AFFECTION.. haha.. wont say much.. nk gi layan dulu.. ciao~~

yeah..i know what u mean cuz...i'm a pervert myself...haha...this is all my Junsu fault!!!cuz he's damn cutie HOT!!!

Thank you so much!! :33

thanks a lot~ ^^
*already nose bleed* >.<
mm.. just wanna know, if you don't mind, are you an Indonesian ?

you're welcome!!
nope, i'm malaysian..hee~

aah~ nice too know you. am Indonesian.
our country is not really far, huh? haha ^^

nice to know you too!!yeah..our neighbor..hee^ ^

thank you for sharing
I cant wait to see this video
Xiah is so hot in this video with Jaejoong and Mickey~!!!!

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